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Celtic Beginnings - Identity and Culture

Special turnkey exhibition with unique finds from the ancient mines and
burial grounds of Hallstatt.

Salz-Reich Hallstatt

7,000 years ago salt was already being mined in Upper Austrian Salzkammergut. The salt mines of Hallstatt are therefore not only steeped in history, but also of great archaeological interest due to their well preserved excavations.

This touring exhibition is a mutual production between the Bibracte museum and the prehistoric department of the Natural History Museum in Vienna. The unique finds from the ancient mines and burial grounds are presented in original display cabinets produced from wooden crates. The visitor thereby gains a representative overview of the one of the most important archaeological excavations in Austria. This is possible due to the numerous burial artefacts and tools, which provide a historical impression of the living and working worlds of miners.

Alongside old and new artefacts from the mine and burial grounds, themes from ancient everyday life and culture are also dealt with in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge, as well as the history of research and methodology. A number of short films on modern excavation methods used in mine archaeology and a 3D slideshow also inform the visitor of contemporary research work. As a light aside incorporated by the exhibition designer, visitors and small groups can be equipped with helmets and helmet lamps and discover the exhibition for themselves so-to-speak, in an unlit exhibition room.

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  • Celts
  • history
  • salt
  • mines


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