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About love

What is love?
As we continue to explore this emotion that embraces us all one day or another, we think we know it by heart and through our hearts. But what is really going on?

About love

About love
What subject of attention more universal than love?

Enigmatic, the all-powerful driving force behind so many stories, love seems particularly difficult to pin down. "About love" questions this mysterious feeling by relying on scientific and artistic works.

There is no comprehensive scientific theory on love. Yet affection, attachment, sexuality, and empathy are conveyed by the same molecules, trigger the secretion of the same hormones and follow the same neural circuits.

The Science Gallery will allow you to approach the subject in seven questions:

  • What is love?
  • Attachment, a bond that protects, a bond that liberates...
  • Online Loves
  • How does the body manifest itself?
  • The art of loving others
  • Proofs of love
  • How is sexuality made?

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