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DOORS Sparkle report II

DOORS Sparkle Report II for museums

The second part of the DOORS Sparkles Report looks into the ingredients for healthier partnerships, the possibilities and challenges of collaborative processes, and the prerequisites for the (re)development of business and revenue models within the museum sector through inspiring stories of institutional creativity, courage, and vulnerability.

The report focuses on cases that bring “sparkles” of inspiration and learning and maybe even trigger discomfort as they go too far off the business-as-usual track. The sparkles cases we highlight in the second part of the report are the 20 digital pilots developed during the DOORS two-stage incubation programme by 20 museums in Europe.

Download the DOORS Sparkles Report II here.


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DOORS (Digital incubator fOR muSeums) focuses on digital maturity of small and medium-size institutions and the empowerment of their teams. The central question is how the museum sector can develop digital strategies and values to adapt and reinvent themselves to strengthen their performance, reach their audiences and develop new ones, and ensure financial recovery and sustainability.