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DOORS Self-Reflection Tool

Tool for museums to assess the digital maturity

The DOORS consortium developed a specific tool to help museums understand the digital maturity levels of their organization. This tool, called the Self-Reflection Tool for Museums, is shaped like an engaging card deck.

The card deck facilitates a collective self-reflection exercise in which everyone within the museum is invited to participate. Each card includes a question that encourages an in-depth reflection on the status quo and potential enablers and blockers as a first step toward formulating more sustainable digital strategies.

The exercise can involve the entire team and a few staff members or be done individually. Each question allows participants to bring examples, personal experiences, and views to form and inform a bigger picture.

Thus, participants should be encouraged to reflect as detailed and brave as possible.

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DOORS (Digital incubator fOR muSeums) focuses on digital maturity of small and medium-size institutions and the empowerment of their teams. The central question is how the museum sector can develop digital strategies and values to adapt and reinvent themselves to strengthen their performance, reach their audiences and develop new ones, and ensure financial recovery and sustainability.