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DOORS Breaking the Digital Ceiling

DOORS - Breaking the Digital Ceiling (Museums)

The DOORS Breaking the Digital Ceiling publication is a roadmap that gathers the voices of the DOORS project team, the experts, and the museums that have participated in the project. All of them come together to outline, comment on, and contest the project's methodologies and practices.

The document aims to spread the used knowledge-sharing practices and frameworks and the design of the incubation programme to create long-term impact, hopefully inspiring granular changes at a museum level, and more attuned funding schemes.

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DOORS (Digital incubator fOR muSeums) focuses on digital maturity of small and medium-size institutions and the empowerment of their teams. The central question is how the museum sector can develop digital strategies and values to adapt and reinvent themselves to strengthen their performance, reach their audiences and develop new ones, and ensure financial recovery and sustainability.