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Examples of different styles of app signage

This Spokes collection brings together articles on all things digital: strategies, interactives, data analysis, apps, web...


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Feature articles

Participants at the Hackathon that took place at the  Science Museum London from 21st to 22nd February. Picture by: © Science Museum Group Digital Lab

Interviews published in Spokes #34, October 2017

Four professionals share their thoughts and experience on organisation-wide Digital strategies| Estimated reading time: 15 minutes (4-5 min per interview)
digital strategy, museum, Spokes
Screenshot of an A|B test results page, run by Christopher Harries on the Natural History Museum's website (London, UK)

Interviews published in Spokes #39, March 2018

Insights from four museum professionals working with (digital) data| Estimated reading time: 20 minutes (3-6 min per interview)
Digital, data, data analysis, data scientist Spokes
In Depth
A visitor being tested using a camera on a device

Feature article by Lindsey Green published in Spokes #33, September 2017

Museums' perception of apps swung from silver bullet to waste of time - yet they can offer real engagement opportunities| Estimated reading time: 14 minutes
app, mobile, museums, UX, Spokes
Teenagers at Cité de l’espace engaging with the exhibition via the app. Copyright: Cité de l’espace

Interviews published in Spokes #29, April 2017

Six professionals on what it means to tell stories using digital technologies| Estimated reading time: 27 minutes (3-6 min per interview)
storytelling, transmedia, Digital, Spokes
In Depth
Personalisation bracelets Cap science Bordeaux Spokes magazine Ecsite © Cap Sciences

Feature article by Nathalie Caplet published in Spokes #7, April 2015

An insight into content personalisation in science centres| Estimated reading time: 11 minutes
personalisation, Spokes, visitor tracking, data
A Facebook post served to recruit models for a photo shooting at Technorama

Interviews published in Spokes #35, November 2017

Four experts share their tips to get the most out of your online communication channels| Estimated reading time: 13 minutes (3-5 min per interview)
Online Marketing, communication, trends, museum, science centre, Spokes
In Depth

Feature article by Susan Greenfield published in Spokes #0 , May 2013

What will happen to the human mind?
A MONA visitor uses 'The O' at the coin exhibition in the gallery. Photo: Brett Boardman

Interviews published in Spokes #60, February 2020

Six perspectives on mobile and digital technology in museums| Estimated reading time: 25 minutes (3-5 minutes per interview)
Education & learning