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A crash version of the Water-Mining PlayDecide Game

  • April 2024
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A shorter (crash) version of the Water-Mining PlayDecide Game to spark discussions on issues surrounding water scarcity in Europe. This version is ideal for young learners (14-18 years) and crash sessions. The full version of the PlayDecide game is also available.

The PlayDecide discussion game allows to talk in a simple, respectful and fact-based way about controversial issues. The game enables players to get familiar with a question, see it from different perspectives, and form or clarify their own opinion. PlayDecide also invites players to look at issues as a group: can you reach a positive consensus?

A PlayDecide session lasts approximately 45 minutes in total. The ideal number of players is 4 to 6. Form several parallel groups, if there are more than 6 players. This PDF contains all the necessary elements for a group of up to 6 people. The game needs a facilitator who takes the time to get familiar with the flow and contents of the game before playing. As a facilitator, you’ll find a set of additional instructions, to plan your session, guide your group(s) while playing. If there are groups of students playing the game in the classroom, the teacher can act as a facilitatormoderator, but each group should also nominate a facilitator among the students. You can also create your own games using the PlayDecide template or translate existing games into your own language.

The Game has been developed in the framework of the Water-Mining EU-funded project. This current version has been adapted by Aliki Giannakopoulou (NEMO Science Museum), Dr. Stephanos Cherouvis (Ecsite - European Network of Science Centres and Museums) and Giuseppe Loveno Garofalo (Ecsite - European Network of Science Centres and Museums), and is based on the original concept and game designed by Michael Creek.

For any question or information, ask a question via email to scherouvis@ecsite.eu & Giannakopoulou@e-nemo.nl

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The main objective of WATER-MINING project is to contribute to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and the Circular Economy packages by showcasing and validating innovative water resources solutions. The project has selected a number of innovative technologies that reached proof of concept levels under previous EU project. The demonstration case studies are to be first implemented in five EU countries (The Netherlands, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and Italy) where prior successful technical and social steps have already been accomplished.