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Art&Science Incubation Guide

  • January 2015
  • Education & learning
  • Practical guide or toolkit

Do you want to set up arts&science incubation processes? The KiiCS' "Do-it-Yourself Incubation Guide” (available in English plus seven additional languages: Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish) is a free tool providing recommendations about how to develop incubation processes between science, art and creative fields, and offering practical advice gained from experiences throughout the KiiCS project.

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KiiCS ended at the end of January 2015: the last month was dedicated to reporting and ensuring the project’s legacy. Nine art-science-business innovation incubators were created thanks to KiiCS, and some of the project ideas developed by participants are living on and might turn into businesses in the future. A great arts & science incubation guide is available to all online.