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2015 Ecsite Annual Report

  • June 2016
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Cover of the 2015 Ecsite Annual report

Browse through Ecsite's 2015 Annual Report, entitled "Resonances". 

Look back on 2015 highlights: the 2015 Annual Conference, the creation of the Mariano Gago Ecsite Awards, international collaborations and EU projects, partnerships and more. 

Why is the report entitled "Resonances"?

Our network multiplies the energies we each contribute as members, sending us back amplified impulses. Ecsite is a powerful vibrating system able to produce large amplitude movements from cumulated smaller periodic driving forces.

In physics, some vibrating systems have multiple resonant frequencies. Ecsite is one of those: we have the powerful ability to work with a wide range of stakeholders.

In English, “resonance” also has a metaphorical meaning: we say that an idea resonates with us when it makes a lot of sense to us, when it speaks to our hearts and brains. Ecsite’s values strongly resonate with each of our member organisations, and each of the professionals who work for them. We stand for cooperation; diversity and inclusiveness; integrity and professionalism; creativity and innovation; and citizenship.

Enjoy your read!

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