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Twenty-two Ecsite members are involved in the new EU project

We are delighted to announce the start of the new EU project called Sparks. Coordinated by Ecsite, it involves 22 Escite members, multiple science shops, research institutions and European networks.

The Sparks proposal, submitted to the EU under the topic 'Pan-European public outreach: exhibitions and science cafés engaging citizens in science', was competing with 19 other proposals and got succesfully evaluated by the experts.

So what is it all about? It is is an ambitious engagement project on the topic of technology shifts in health and medicine. Its aim is to raise awarenes and communicate the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) to Europeans in 29 countries.

Sparks will organise an interactive touring exhibition and 230 innovative participatory activities such as science cafés, pop-up science shops, incubation activities and scenario workshops. Creative disruptions —in the form of artistic inputs and questioning— will help it to engage more stakeholders.The European dimension of the project is paired with a strong emphasis on local implementation through 29 experienced science communicators that will adapt the exhibition and activities to their contexts and establish local multi-stakeholder collaborative

The project will also have a learning and policy component. Data will be gathered from visitors of the exhibition in order to further build the capacity of science actors and policy makers to promote RRI and better understand society’s vision, interests and readiness concerning RRI in health.

The project started on the 1st July and its first meeting took place in Brussels on 7-8 July. The Steering Committee of the project gathered in the lovely premises of the King Boudoin Foundation, who kindly agreed to host us. Eight partners got together to meet each other, set common goals and embark on this exciting journey together.

If you don't want to miss Sparks in your country, stay tuned and follow the project's updates.


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