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The traveling Water-Mining Exhibition has docked in Limassol Cyprus

The WATER-MINING Exhibition is on display at the Water Museum in Limassol in Cyprus.

The Exhibition is inviting the public to experience the transformation of wastewater into versatile materials like Kaumera, used in jewelry, ceramics, and more; to discover innovative practices like using filtered rainwater for cattle and solar-powered water purification; to explore real-scale demonstrations across Europe, including Cyprus, addressing water scarcity through sustainable solutions and to engage with ethical considerations in water desalination through an insightful audio tour. The exhibition is placed on a large carpet featuring an illustration of the map of Europe. On this carpet, a series of elements closely related to each technological innovation of the “WATER-MINING” project are displayed, representing the real-scale demonstrations taking place in different countries.

The WATER-MINING exhibition has been developed by NEMO Science Museum in collaboration with Ecsite and its members SciCo and Parque de las Ciencias, as well as partners of the WATER-MINING consortium and will remain in the Water Museum in Limassol till the end of March 2024.

The Water Museum in Limassol is a first-of-its-kind "Water Museum and Centre for Water Awareness Development". It is part of the Water Board of Limassol and it consists of the now restored old Water Pumping Station (the so called “Water Machine”) and a new modern construction. The old Water Pumping Station is now a Listed Building. The Cyprus Department of Antiquities has donated a number of important archaeological exhibits, such as rare objects and instruments used for pumping, recording consumption, quality testing. The different topics are supported by rich photographic material and a short film on the importance of water for Limassol, Cyprus and the planet.

Since 2020, the WATER-MINING project, a collaborative effort involving 38 institutions across 12 European countries, has been dedicated to combating the prevailing water crisis. Led by TU DELFT, this initiative focuses on pioneering technological solutions for sustainable resource management. Through six large-scale demonstrations, the project is at the forefront of advancing intelligent water management systems, promoting circular economy principles, and fostering a sustainable society.


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