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Tips for hosting an Ecsite Conference

Ecsite's Events Manager, Wiktor, dispels some myths about hosting the Ecsite Conference and offers suggestions for alternative applications.

  1. The Ecsite Conference is too big for my institution to organise – Why not partner up with other organisations in your town or city and submit a joint application. Your partners do not have to be Ecsite members.
  2. We don’t have one auditorium space for 900+ people – We are open to you being creative, use what space you have and see how you could deliver the events differently. For example, in 2019 Experimentarium in Copenhagen live streamed the plenary sessions to multiple smaller rooms.
  3. What if you don’t have experience of running a Conference? – Don’t worry, myself (events manager), Nicola (Communications), Florence (registration and finance) and Roxanne (Business Bistro) are by your side to support and guide you through the whole process. We act as one team together with the host team from beginning to end.
  4. We couldn’t pull together such an extensive programme of sessions – You don’t have to! The Ecsite Programming committee leads selection of sessions and Ecsite handles the Call for proposals completely. A representative from the host organisation is of course invited to join the Programming Committee and your experience and local knowledge is a huge benefit.
  5. We couldn’t run the Nocturne because we don’t have a science centre or museum – Be creative, how could you deliver an evening of inspiration in science engagement to the Conference participants.

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