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Take part in Blue Society Photo Contest

Sea for Society photo contest

Take part in the Blue Society Photo Contest on the theme“Your Ocean, Your Future”. Let your imagination and creativity run wild to present us, through one picture, your positive view on the role the Ocean plays or could play in our daily lives, whether or not you live near it.

You can enter photos in 6 categories:

  • Ocean and transport
  • Ocean and food
  • Ocean and health
  • Ocean, tourism and leisure
  • Ocean and energy
  • Ocean, a place to live

Prizes include drone cameras and the chance to see your work on show at the European Parliament.

This contest, run as part of the Sea for Society EU-funded project, aims to use photography to highlight the services and resources provided by the Ocean, as well as the opportunities it offers, and to foster commitment towards a sustainable management of seas and oceans.

Find verything you need to know on the dedicated Facebook page.


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