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A strong push for RRI

A newly created database of new and existing practices of RRI and RRI learning is now available online! 23 exemplary cases are presented in an in-depth description consisting of the actual content, its relation to RRI teaching and learning, specific pedagogical methods applied, relation to the key areas of RRI, alignment with the RRI Tools classification and academic relevance.

The final selection of 23 was made based on the HEIRRI State of the Art Review, which reviewed hundreds of different outcomes ranging from traditional academic papers to training materials, courses, expert interviews, EU projects and more. The review was designed to explore the different ways in which issues of responsibility in R&I can be taught and trained in higher educational institutions.

Using this as a springboard, the database has become a publicly available resource, soon to be integrated in the existing RRI Tools platform to further strengthen its library content by adding inspiring practices, tools, project initiatives and their outputs as well as written elements elaborating different aspects of RRI. As the end-users you are now able to discover what RRI resources are used at the University of Western Australia or how to use the Neosocratic Dialogue when addressing ethical questions of emerging technologies.

In summary, this is an indispensable resource for everyone who works at the forefront of RRI.


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