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Speakers & convenors - read this for important #Ecsite2021 next steps

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We know that you're all getting excited for the 2021 Ecsite Online Conference and so are we! If you're speaking or convening in two weeks' time, make sure you're completely prepared by following our handy tips below - and avoid those last-minute technical stresses that can be avoided!

  • Read our speakers guide: our team have put together an invaluable document which includes information about the Hopin platform, which browser to use (Google Chrome), and other troubleshooting tips. It really is handy so check it out
  • Make sure you verify your ticket from Hopin: Over the next two days, we will be sending out emails to all those registered for the Conference. These emails contain an individual magic link that once clicked, will add you to the participants list in Hopin. Therefore it is especially important that our speakers & convenors validate this link as soon as possible, so that our back of house tech team can link you to your session(s) well in advance
  • (Re)watch the tech run: We held a tech run two weeks ago for speakers; if you missed it, or have only just found out you're speaking at the Conference, not a problem. Watch the video and find out what you missed
  • Settle your Conference invoice: of course it goes without saying, but make sure that you (or your organisation) have paid for the tickets! Any unpaid participants (including speakers and convenors) will not have access to Hopin and you won't be able to join the Conference
  • Make use of the FAQs: if you have a question, there is a good chance that someone else has already asked it! Check out our FAQs and if you can't find the answer there, send us an email
  • Spread the word: Make use of our digital Conference badges and social media hashtags (#Ecsite2021) to show the community where you'll be on 9-11 June!


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