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Sparks selected as Success Story

"Beyond the Lab", the Sparks exhibition. Pic © The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum

Sparks is proud to be among one of the 4 projects selected as Success Story within the Horizon2020 Science with and for Society programme.

Success stories are especially selected and elaborated in order to promote excellence in European research linked to Responsible Research and Innovation. Sparks is a great example of how an abstract concept such as RRI is turned into touching human stories. In the travelling exhibition, that lies at the heart of Sparks citizen scientists, biohackers, patients, and others all show that science is not only made in the lab. Check out the Success story article here.

And if you are planning to be in Lisbon (PT), Norrkoping (SE), Bratislava (SK) or Nicosia (CY) do visit Beyond the lab