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Sparks Newsletter #2 is out!

Sparks: Rethinking Innovation. Together

Sparks Newsletter #2 is out! This issue is all about interactions, regulations and public participation as part of the impact technology is having on healthcare and medicine. Sparks partners Cate Hankins, Deputy Director for Science at AIGHD and Michiel Heidenrijk, Founder and Executive Director of AHTI have a lot to share on this subject. Science Cafés are another topic discussed. Sparks is developing a new participatory format - Reversed Science Cafés, where scientists present ‘burning question’ to which they have no answer and the public discusses the question in small groups without the presence of the scientists. Lastly, Sparks Newsletter #2 introduces how social scientists Phil Macnaghten, Sarah R. Davies and Matthew Kearnes are using the narrative framework to identify RRI and engage the public – an approach to science engagement activities included in the Sparks inception report.


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