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Sparks has been progressing on all fronts

Partners of the Sparks project, that started almost six months ago, have been busy with developing content for the exhibition and activities, communications materials and unravelling the topic of technology shifts in health and medicine. Areas that are being explored in Sparks concentrate around 6 content areas, which are:

  • The Quantified Self
  • Happiness
  • Biorevolution
  • Global Health
  • Robotics
  • Our Deeper Selves

The interactive touring exhibition will open in June 2016 in its first location at the Science Museum in London. After that it will head to Bonn (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Warsaw (Poland), where visitors will be able to engage with it throughout July and August 2016.

What to look out for in early 2016: Brand new Sparks website, the very first newsletter, and an Inception report that explores the common understanding of the technological shifts that are influencing the fields of health and medicine and of how RRI can be identified, discussed, and

Stay tuned and have a happy festive season!


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