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Science and arts stories on 6 wheels

We are happy to tell the world that the Sparks exhibition "Beyond the Lab: the DIY Science Revolution" is in the closing phase of tour 2: Luxemburg Science Centre, Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Denmark, Blue World in Croatia and Parque de las Ciencias in Spain did an amazing job by displaying the exhibition and running participatory activities where citizens and scientists gathered around the fundamental questions of Responsible Research and Innovation: how are we getting involved in health issues that directly affect us? What can we do to be more influential at the moment of deciding policies for our health systems? How can we join communities that are taking the scientific concerns of people on their hands? Burning questions and mind-blowing answers were part of the usual conversations that happened during these last months.

Stay tuned, because Beyond the Lab is travelling to Cyprus, Slovakia, Sweden and Portugal. We are waiting for you! Meanwhile, have a look at our website with new updates of the stories behind! www.sparksproject.eu


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