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Rethinking science communication in action

Participants in the workshop activities getting know each other to build a strong and motivated community

Our seven Rethinkerspaces have been established in universities and science engagement organisations in Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. They have now officially kicked-off their work with a first workshop that focused on understanding their own local landscape and practices. During the month of December a diverse group of stakeholders including journalists, academics, citizen scientists, museum professionals and science communicators met during a day to work together in a series of exercises to help them tackle these areas of work.

Since the groups are expected to work together over the period of three years, the first part of the workshop kicked-off with some interactive activities to get to know each other and to build a strong and motivated community. They then reflected together on each others' visions of the science communication local landscape including analysing their practices and getting to know better their audiences and the barriers each of them encounter in their daily work. Workshops contained a mix of plenary sessions, exercises and reflection to make the most of this first day.