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RETHINK to study sensemaking practices on COVID 19

RETHINK is studying sensemaking processes

The consortium was set to start researching sense making practices about the topic of climate change this very month, however, with the pandemic breakout most of the news, discussions and citizens headspace is now focused on COVID 19. Public discussion about the Coronavirus and the choices made regarding the outbreak management are very much at the core of the research and interest of this project. This topic includes an unprecented level of uncertainty, an ambiguous situation and a hign number of unknowns for every one of us. As individuals and as societies, we have to figure out what’s going. How to make sense of the risks involved and the responsibilities we may have? We are witnessing in real time how different experts draw different conclusions about what’s the right thing to do: to wear or not to wear a mask? Is Ibuprofen safe or is it not? What about confinement and de-confinement? And all of these while their expertise is openly contested in public and a number of ethical issues at stake. Doesn't this have all the ingredients for a perfect case study?


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