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Resources on teaching RRI at higher education institutions

With the aim of integrating and implementing Responsible Research and Innovation in higher education curricula, for three years the HEIRRI project has designed a set of teaching programmes aimed at various university levels.

Focusing on a problem-based learning, and on innovative and participative methodologies, 10 pilot courses were organised by HEIRRI throughout Europe to test and fine-tune the training programmes and formative materials that resulted from this project.

A set of conferences and online debates also took place to raise awareness on the need of integrating RRI within the education of future scientists, engineers, and other professionals involved in the research, development and innovation process.

The 2nd HEIRRI conference celebrated on 27 April 2018 in Vienna was the perfect occasion to present the results of the HEIRRI project.

The ten training programmes that HEIRRI is leaving behind constitute an essential resource that can be found on our resources section.

They are also available at the HEIRRI website and at the RRI Tools website.


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