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Pushing boundaries - Ecsite Conference's 30th edition

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The 2019 edition of the Ecsite Conference will be taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 6 to 8 June (with pre-conference workshops on 4-5 June).

This will be the 30th edition of the conference: expect some anniversary specials.

The conference will be hosted by Experimentarium and will be held inside the science centre itself, the former home of the Tuborg Brewery. Experimentarium re-opened its doors to the public with 18 brand new exhibitions in January 2017, all exploring new boundaries for science communication.


Boundaries are an essential part of identity: they separate what we are from what we aren’t, what we do from what we won’t do. As the world around us and we ourselves change, boundaries need to be constantly negotiated and redefined. Exploring, challenging and shaping boundaries is crucial if we want to grow and develop as a sector, organisation or individual. However, we must also challenge our own understanding of science and expand the boundaries of how we communicate science. It is by pushing our own boundaries for science communication that we ourselves become inspired to walk down new and creative paths. The Ecsite conference celebrates its 30th edition and we invite the science engagement community to build on three decades of science communication and look ahead, pushing the boundaries of our field and practices.


Since 1991, Experimentarium has let knowledge and curiosity come alive with a hands-on approach and explored the world through science and technology together with millions of curious children and adults. Everything is designed to be touched at Experimentarium, so that play and learning always are interconnected. Creating science engaging experiences that are immersive and relate to every-day life is one of the trademarks of Experimentarium. Conference participants are invited to experience Experimentarium and all the highlights of the area – including a walk by the sea or a taste of beer at the local restaurants.


The call for session proposals will be opened between 16 August and 18 October. We look forward to receiving your session ideas!


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