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Pilots launches Resource Pack for explainer training

Download the Resource Pack now and join the 500 members of the European social network for explainers, the Pilots Hub.

Contact Michael Creek, Pilots project coordinator, for more information: mcreek@ecsite.eu

The Pilots project has now published its Resource Pack, complete with the best of the explainer training activities developed for the Pilots project, all described in detail step-by-step, with a strong focus on the theoretical background, and complete with a set of handouts and presentations.

Pilots is a 2-year project, coordinated by Ecsite, which aims to update the status of the explainer in science centres and museums. The project involves the production of a survey on explainer-related practices in Europe, four European training courses, dozens of local events, and a web platform as a permanent resource for a European community of explainers.

The Resource Pack is available free to download for any institution interested in the professionalisation of explainers, in four modules: the Role of the Explainer, Enquiry-Based Learning, Developing Debate and Science Shows.

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