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Participate in the RETHINK science communication and journalism Winter School 2022

From 23 to 25 February 2022, the RETHINK project will organise a winter school for early career researchers, journalists, policy-makers, community leaders and all other agents of change who want to learn about communicating science in relation to complex social issues.

NOTE : Because of the measures around COVID-19, the Winter School will take place completely online.

Are you interested to learn more about communicating science in relation to complex social issues? Do you want to challenge your assumptions, make new connections and contribute to open and trustworthy public conversations about science? Are you looking to increase your reach and impact? Then this science communication and journalism online Winter School is a great opportunity for you.

While science communication and journalism may be more important than ever, it is also more challenging. Current issues such as the pandemic, the climate crisis or the introduction of AI are all about uncertainty and ambiguity.

Both individually and collectively, we have to make sense of these issues to understand what’s going on and what to do. Increasingly, this sensemaking takes place in a public arena where different people may contribute in a variety of ways. This may provide opportunities for dialogue and collaboration but as well lead to misunderstandings, polarisation and controversy. These developments urge those involved in science communication to reflect on their assumptions and adapt their practice to enable open and trustworthy public conversations about science.

Over the span of three days, you will take different perspectives on these issues and the role of science communication and journalism. You will reflect on your own practice and discover the power of openness and reflexivity in public dialogue. Together with your fellow participants you will apply your insights into a high-quality product to open up your own communicative practice.

Scholars and practitioners of science communication from the RETHINK project will guide you through the process and provide you with reflections, real-world examples and inspiration.

You may find more info on the RETHINK approach by clicking on this link.


The programme will include:

Interactive lectures on various topics:

  • the theory of sensemaking and empirical findings about how EU citizens make sense of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • the disconnect of science to (some) parts of society and the potential for inclusion of underserved audiences
  • the potential roles of researchers, journalists, policy makers, community leaders and all other agents of change to contribute to trustworthy public conversations about science

Daily interactive workshops that develop your “reflective practice”: a.k.a. your awareness of your own perspective in relation to those of others and capacity to translate it into action

Personal chats with RETHINK scholars and practitioners about their experiences with different types of science communication

Throughout the week, participants will develop their own group product which will be presented at the end of the week.


You may register by writing to Ms. Morgane Taillandier. We ask you to include a short bio and a cover letter (max one paragraph each), covering the following:

  • Why you want to participate
  • What you hope to learn
  • Your experience in science communication (no previous experience is required, we just want to know the level of experience of participants).

Our selection will be based on those documents. We have space for 30 participants. The RETHINK science communication and journalism Winter School is free and it will be delivered in the English language.

A certificate of participation will be awarded at the end of the Winter School.

Deadline for registration: 31 January 2022

To know more about the RETHINK project, join us on Twitter.


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