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Open Science Resources launches Best Educational Pathway contest

The consortium of Open Science Resources is launching a contest for the best educational pathways of the OSR portal. Sixteen pathways in total have been chosen by the consortium to be part of this contest based on the quality of their content. The 8 pathways that are most highly evaluated by the users will be recognized as the best pathways of the OSR portal and their authors will receive a “Best Pathway” certificate. h2. Evaluation

All users are invited to evaluate the selected pathways by using the social tagging tool and the rating system. The evaluation of the pathways will be mainly based on the social tags and especially on the educational objectives tags that will be added by the users. The star rating and the comments of the users will also be taken into consideration.

While voting for the Best OSR pathways please consider:

- Content Quality - Adequacy of Supporting materials - Topic originality and author inventveness - The degree to which the educational objectives posted by the contributor are met.

In order to evaluate a pathway please add the educational objectives you believe it serves using the “Add your tags” tool you will find in the node page of each pathway.

Read more about the contest here: www.osrportal.eu/en/node/96281

The contest will end on the 29th of February and the results will be announced in the beginning of March.