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Making #ecsite2022 sustainable

Small groups of people sitting at the green bank of a river.

Easier said than done? Not for us

Ecsite is working together with the host of the 2022 Ecsite Conference, experimenta science centre to find the most effective solutions to make our event sustainable. The challenges are manifold: it will be held in a camp with all its peculiarities, there still are COVID-19 safety measures to be put in place and some solutions are economically not adequate for a three-day-conference. But the game changer will be your contribution as participants to our efforts, making the conference more sustainable is a joint endeavour!

Planting trees

In a pilot attempt to contribute to offsetting the carbon footprint of the conference we are donating €10 of each conference fee to the project Our forest of tomorrow, run by the District of Heilbronn. Our conference will have a lasting effect on the site of the camp as well. A small area with a hard, arid stony surface will be turned into a new local green space which will stay there after the event.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

“Reduce” is, of course, on top of the list of our priorities. It applies to printed products and traditional give-aways. We strive to reduce the number of printed products significantly, there won’t be a full-scale printed programme and a new conference app will take over many tasks for which we used printed materials in the past. Around our camp as well as inside we will use a lot of printed textiles which will be either totally recycled (a new certified flooring product) or reused after the conference to produce bags.

However, we all know that during such a big conference we will produce some waste. We need you to do your part (apart from keeping it to a minimum), just put your personal waste in the right box!

Regional products

Whatever your preferences are – as far as food and beverages are concerned, we put a strong focus on regional and seasonal products and combine it with a healthy, varied, well-balanced diet. We will serve freshly prepared (on site!) traditional recipes of the region, with a modern touch. To be more sustainable, we want to avoid too many transports over too large distances. Therefore, all our main partners are located within the region.