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Green economy is not about technology, but new vision for the future

A series of policy briefs have been written during the preparation of Planet under Pressure conference. Specifically targeting policy makers in the Rio+20 process, they aim to give them access to the latest scientific thinking on sustainable development issues. Here is an excerpt of brief #6 which is of interest to the science communication community:

“The ‘Green Economy’ has been described as a shift to ‘green’ technology and materials, incorporating new economic accounting and incentives and moving from carbon-intensive technologies to labour-intensive work. If it is to represent a green technology version of business as usual, it will not bring about the social transformations needed to ensure a move toward comprehensive human well-being and sustainability in a world of growing population, shrinking resources and degrading environments. A smarter approach is needed, which addresses the underlying indirect socioeconomic drivers of change, understands planetary boundaries and embraces key instrumental freedoms for everyone.

Simply incorporating technological change into the existing global market system is not enough: the new approach must encompass the cultural, ecological and socioeconomic dynamics of each country. (…)

To achieve this goal we need better connection between work on well-being and that on ecosystems and planetary boundaries, we need to bring scientists together to work on the integrated socioeconomic-ecological system.”

Rio+20 Policy Briefs were produced by the scientific community to inform the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). These briefs were commissioned by the international conference Planet under Pressure: New knowledge Towards Solutions. They can be download here: www.planetunderpressure2012.net/policybriefs.asp


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