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Food systems and the COVID-19 pandemic

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Disruptive events such as the current COVID-19 pandemic can lead to severe problems in global markets, food supply chains, food security and socio-cultural dimensions of food consumption, and underscore all the more the importance of securing future food systems that are resilient, sustainable, innovative, adaptive and inclusive.

As a central concern under the measures to contain the pandemic, food systems can be a meaningful topic of engagement that uses as a starting point the new reality of people's lives.

FIT4FOOD2030 project partners have gathered a variety of resources on the relation between COVID-19 and food systems, as well as stories of how our Labs are dealing with the changing situation and project tools that might be useful to (digitally) engage with stakeholders on the future food systems. Tools on online engagement and a glimpse at the future after the pandemic are also featured.

Access the FIT4FOOD2030 & COVID-19 page.


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