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EMYA 2022: special commendation to experimenta

Our host for #ecsite2022, experimenta, has received a special commendation by the European Museum of the Year Award 2022!

experimenta, the largest science centre located on the bank of river Neckar, in a green and peaceful area of Heilbronn (Germany), is open and welcoming to people of all ages and backgrounds, as it seeks to become a forum for awakening interest in science. This year it will host our annual conference which will be located in a camp in the heart of Heilbronn.

experimenta is an experience-based educational institution for all age groups, a place of knowledge, of discourse, of research, of recreation, and education and training. Visitors quickly become discoverers themselves: interactive, exploratory, audiovisual, always participatory, inclusive, and frequently in dialogue.

“We stand for the networking of various educational offerings outside traditional places of learning like schools and universities. With interdisciplinary offers and a specific educational approach we can awaken interest and enthusiasm for science and technology in society, as well as joy in knowledge and intrinsic knowledge acquisition”.

As an innovative leisure and educational facility, experimenta offers a compass in a world that is being rapidly changed by science and technology. The entire complex, consisting of two buildings, a newly built and impressively designed pentagonal main building, and a restored oil-seed storehouse transformed into the Maker’s Space, became the city’s new landmark. The former structure hosts the museum’s permanent exhibition, science dome with a planetarium, rooftop observatory, and several creative studios and laboratories. The latter serves as an educational space for young inventors to conduct experiments and interact with each other.

The permanent exhibition, divided into four themed zones, spreads across four floors and a space of almost 4,000 square meters. It invites visitors to explore and discover through the use of all of their senses, as they carry out experiments at 275 interactive exhibits tackling a wide range of areas, such as science, humanities, social entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability. The exhibition encourages visitors to seek answers at their own pace and in line with their interests and capabilities, allowing for stimulation of each visitor’s intrinsic motivation to acquire knowledge. Additional space is provided for temporary exhibitions. In four creative studios, visitors can discover their talents in several hands-on workshops on media and engineering. experimenta also has a wide variety of laboratories offering programs for groups and individuals of all ages. (Source: EMYA 2022 website).

To read more about experimenta, visit their website (available in German and English) or visit the EMYA 2022 page to watch a video.

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