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The #Ecsite2021 Programme is ready!

The #Ecsite2021 Online Conference Programme is out!


Start this journey among the stars, followed by a deep free learning experience and end with a climate change-maker!

Watch the two teaser videos from Ewine van Dishoeck and John Falk, and stay tuned for the video from Melati Wijsen!


The Ecsite Conference Programme is the result of a bottom-up effort by the science engagement community who bring forward session ideas. Among the proposed sessions, the Conference Programme Committee identified three of Ecsite's new Strategy commitments strongly reflected in the Conference programme:


Twelve sessions on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, including innovation in vulnerable communities, balancing gender equality and colonial collections.


Seven sessions on 21st century skills, discussing storytelling through social media, remote gallery engagement, and a session from Ecsite Award winners Copernicus on their Young Explorer's Clubs.


Six sessions discussing climate and biodiversity, including the making of sustainable exhibitions, targeting behavioural change and civic action and using immersive technologies for biodiversity awareness.


Go back to basics with five sessions, from zine-making, to tinkering, to storytelling, and discover several sessions covering the topic of digital transformation.

To deepen the reflection of our community on these global challenges, Ecsite has invited four high-level professionals who are dedicated and passionate about these challenges to speak as ambassadors for each commitment during two Conference sessions.

Sit and let yourself be carried away by Lewis Hou, Camille Pisani and Colin Johnson in discussion with Amito Haarhuis.


At #Ecsite 2021 the networking opportunities are endless, giving you the opportunity to (re)connect and renew your relationships.

This year, be there live to jump into a "speed-meeting" area to meet peers in a fun and serendipitous way. You'll have three minutes to share your current projects and ideas, or just talk about life with attendees you might not have met before! You can also start a one-on-one video chat or stop by the Café to chat with a specific person!


We want to make sure that all our participants get the most out of the Online Conference and that the event is enjoyable, accessible and safe for all those involved. Therefore we are taking steps to ensure your needs are met.

Being an inclusive community is something that we are proud to call ourselves and here at the Ecsite Office, we want to make sure that as many of you as possible can attend and enjoy the experience. Holding a Conference online brings its own challenges, but this year's digital edition means that more people can watch and participate from the comfort of their own homes. There are no travel costs incurred, and we are all making our carbon footprint smaller by not being together physically in one location.

Find out what we're doing to make this event accessible.


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