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Ecsite Workrooms: the story so far

Dr. Frederic Bertley talks to Julie Becker during the first Informal science learning Workroom

The Ecsite Workrooms launched in February this year; a professional development opportunity for science engagement professionals globally, and a chance to work in smaller groups in more depth on one particular topic.

So far, three Workrooms have been launched, on Blended learning, Informal science learning and Tinkering. A fourth Workroom, centred around Citizen Science (a joint project with the EU Citizen Science project), will also start in May and more information will soon be available on our Workrooms page. All three Workrooms have sold out, with participants joining from across Europe and further afield.

Two of these Workrooms, on Blended learning and Tinkering, will continue throughout April, and our Informal science learning Workroom has now drawn to a close. It featured keynote speaker Dr. Frederic Bertley (COSI) and was also streamed live, ensuring that even those who weren't able to sign up for the event were still able to listen and be inspired by Dr Bertley's words.

The participants from the Blended learning Workroom are now currently working in small groups, on projects that they will be able to take back and implement in their own organisations in order to make a difference to the experience that their visitors have. Meanwhile, in the Tinkering Workroom, participants are exposed to a wealth of information from the #EcsiteMakers and the feedback has been extremely positive.

To find out more about the Workrooms, simply head to the Ecsite Workrooms page, and stay tuned for more information on our fourth Workroom, as well as the topics and themes for the second series which we'll be launching in the autumn.


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