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Ecsite welcomes six new members

The Ecsite community is very pleased to welcome six new members from across the globe into our network. Discover each new member in their own words below:

MizarLabs Design

MizarLabs Design works with organizations such as museums and science centres to design scientific, educational, fun and interactive experiences. We develop exhibitions, brand area designs and software projects for them.

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Małopolskie Centrum Nauki Cogiteon

In the heart of the Małopolska Region, in Poland, in bustling Kraków, a space is created for shared experience and creation with the help of science. Equipped with modern tools and exhibits as well as fascinating knowledge. They create an educational place based on passion, unlimited thinking and openness, and arrange a facility to develop talents and competencies using science as a tool or inspiration.

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TECHNOSEUM Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit in Mannheim

The TECHNOSEUM is one of Germany’s leading museums of technology. The permanent exhibition showcases 200 years of technological and social history, combining in-depth information with hands-on experiences.

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Karabuk Science Centre

The science centre of Karabuk was established on 13 September 2023. It has 1700 m2 of closed area and belongs to the municipality. It has a history and geography lab, a biology lab, a physics lab, a chemistry lab, an agriculture lab and a space lab. Every day, 100 students visit the science centre and come to study in it.

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Imagine Exhibitions

Imagine Exhibitions is currently producing over 40 unique exhibitions in museums, science centres, zoos, integrated resorts, and non-traditional venues worldwide. In addition to developing successful travelling exhibitions, they design, open, and operate permanent installations and venues, and consult on building, expanding, and directing museums and attractions.

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The DoSeum

The DoSeum is a place where interactive fun and hands-on learning come together—a place where minds are always at play. The DoSeum offers exhibits, programs, camps, classes, and field trips designed for all learners, encouraging young minds to explore the joy of learning through connections to STEM, the arts, and literacy.

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