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Małopolskie Centrum Nauki Cogiteon

In the heart of the Małopolska Region, in Poland, in bustling Kraków, a space is created for shared experience and creation with the help of science. Equipped with modern tools and exhibits as well as fascinating knowledge. We create an educational place based on passion, unlimited thinking and openness. We arrange a facility to develop talents and competences using science as a tool or inspiration.

On the usable area of ​​over 14 thousand square meters, annually we will host a minimum of 300,000 people. We pursue shared passions, fascination with science, discovering the world and caring for the environment.

Cogiten is a public institution, under regional self-governemt of Małopolska Region. We operate in accordance under the rules concerning culrtural institutions in Poland. Cogiten was established in 2017 to create new place/building in Kraków. Since than we were working on our new facility, which will be finished untul december 2023. Meanwihle we concentrated on creation of our education offert, acquiring partners (f.e. colleges) and delivering experiences (science shows) to more than 100 000 children and a tousends of Małopolska citiziens.

Parts of our new building (under construction yet):

includes over 100 interactive exhibits which popularize science

The exhibition will be divided into 5 sections:

How do you feel? (biology)
What connects us? (society)
How the world works? (physics)
How do we change the Earth? (wildlife vs. technology, ecology)
How do you imagine this? (creative section)

Our main principle is individual experimenting in order to learn about the world and scientific achievements. All devices have been specially designed for the needs of the Cogiteon.

LABORATORIES AND THEMATIC WORKSHOPS - these are places to conduct classes under the supervision of experienced educators:

The Lab of Flavors (space with kitchen function),
The Lab of Reaction (chemistry),
The Lab of Particles (physics and astronomy),
The Lab of Nature (there will be vivariums and aquariums, a fairway, and the laboratory will be connected to a greenhouse),
The Workshop of Technology,
The Workshop of Innovation (electronics, computers and new technologies).

CHILDREN ACADEMY – it is a separate space for children at the age of 3-6 years with an exhibition about Polish nature,

THE CONFERENCE ZONE with auditorium for almost 300 persons

THE ROOF GARDEN (one of the biggest in Poland)