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Ecsite General Assembly approved membership changes with large majority

Changes to the structure of Ecsite membership have been approved at the Ecsite Annual General Meeting on 10 June, during the Ecsite Annual Conference in Graz, Austria. These changes, approved by over 85% of voting members, will make the rule simpler, as is the case in most associations whereby all those eligible will simply be Full members. Until now, non-profit science engagement organisations based in Europe could choose between two membership categories: Full member and Associate member; only Full members can participate in Ecsite governance.

As Ecsite President Michiel Buchel declared: "This will make Ecsite an organisation where the vast majority of members receive equal rights and benefits; we also believe that it will make our network’s governance more representative and will generate a stronger commitment from a larger number of organisations and individuals. In short: it will be true to Ecsite’s inclusive value and will make our association fairer, more inclusive and stronger. It will help us increase our impact on our communities "

These changes are the result of careful consideration from the Board of Ecsite over the last 18 months, and of discussions and consultations with Ecsite members.

The new membership scheme will be implemented as of January 2017. More details will be communicated to members in the coming weeks.