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Ecsite Conference 2023 - Call for Contributions

This year at the Ecsite Conference, we’re excited to announce an open Show & Tell for all your half-baked ideas and unpolished projects! This is your chance to share your ideas with the community, especially if it’s still a work-in-progress or a rough draft

We welcome all different types of work and mediums including art, exhibits, cooking, and explorations of technology, science, and recycled materials.

There are only 2 conditions:

(1) You bring a physical artifact or prototype of what you are working on, and

(2) You’re willing to spend time both sharing your project and giving feedback to others in the community during this 1 hour session.

If you would like to take this opportunity, please submit your tinkering & making project to Wiktor wgajewski@ecsite.eu to include the following:

  • a short description of the project (max 150 words),
  • who will be presenting
  • any special technical requirements, if any.

Photos of the prototypes are of course very welcome.

Submissions will be evaluated on the ongoing basis and it’s first-come, first served.

Please note that acceptance to present at the Show & Tell does not give exemption to the Conference fee. You would need to join the Conference in Malta, register and pay the registration fee. More information about the Conference here