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Ecsite and Horizon 2020: Advocating for science centres and museums

In the interest of giving science centres and museums an adequate voice in Europe’s innovation and research plans, Ecsite has submitted amendments to the European Parliament in the establishment of Horizon 2020 – The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Members of Ecsite are encouraged to raise the profile of these amendments among their national Members of European Parliament (MEPs). Ecsite’s amendments are accompanied by a letter from Robert Firmhofer, President of Ecsite. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

“Horizon 2020’s proposals align seamlessly with the objectives of science centers and museums. In Europe 2020 literature, the European Commission defines social challenges that will confront the Union in the future; the vision coming to the fore is a triangle of research, education and innovation.

To energize Horizon 2020 and engage its core aims of Responsible Research and Innovation, science centres and museums are pointing to additional ideas that not only correspond to their own mission of communicating science, but also powerfully advance the plans of Horizon 2020 and Europe 2020.

Science centres and museums make knowledge accessible and inspire public confidence in science because they are intermediaries between the scientific community and society. Our institutions have direct contact with over 40 million visitors each year drawn from all ages and all social and educational backgrounds.”

Read the full letter in PDF format below.