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Ecsite amendments to Horizon Europe proposal

Ecsite amendments to Horizon Europe

The European Commission released its proposal for Horizon Europe (formerly known as FP9) on 7 June. The next European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, successor to Horizon 2020, is expected to launch on 1 January 2021 covering the period 2021-2027. Ecsite is urging all science engagement professionals and organisations to influence the negotiations' next stages by sharing Ecsite's proposed amendments with relevant stakeholders. 

The current Horizon Europe proposal relies on a top-down communication approach where research and innovation results are "delivered" and "explained" to citizens and, contrary to its Horizon 2020 predecessor, Horizon Europe does not have a specific strand for Science for and with Society (SwafS). This presents a high risk of seeing science engagement reduced to top-down communication done with outdated methods and without the contribution of professional mediators.

In response to this first proposal from the European Commission, Ecsite has prepared a list of proposed amendments in line with our Position Paper, asking for:

  • A strong science engagement approach in Horizon Europe
  • A specific strand on SwafS with a budget of at least the level of Horizon 2020 (€460 million)
  • A stronger integration of formal and informal education as well as a stronger integration of social sciences and humanities to tackle science and society relations issues. 

Your participation will be crucial

As numerous voices are always more powerful than one, we are urging all science engagement organisations, professionals and national networks to join this advocacy campaign as the main negotiation phase will be lasting until September.  

These amendments provide arguments to help Members of the European Parliament and relevant national stakeholders defend science engagement in the next framework programme for Research and Innovation.

We are calling all science engagement organisations to take hold of these amendments and bring them to their Members of the European Parliament but also to relevant stakeholders from their national government. Advocacy at national level in all EU member states will be crucial to advance our ideas as the Council, involved in the negotiations, is composed of government ministers from each EU country.

Support another converging advocacy campaign

SiS.net, the international network of National Contact Points (NCPs) for Science with and for Society in Horizon 2020, has just released an open letter and a petition to ensure funding for a specific programme dedicated to science, society and citizens' initiatives. We are pulling in the same direction: take a minute to sign the petition!





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