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Echoes from the Ecsite Annual Conference – 7 June

#Ecsite2016 registration - Photo: fini Agentur
#Ecsite2016: Ecsite President Michiel Buchel speaking at the launch of 'Ecsite for all' - Photo: fini Agentur#Ecsite2016: watching the giant 'Ecsite for all' chain reaction - Photo: fini Agentur#Ecsite2016 pre-conference on space communication - Photo: fini Agentur#Ecsite2016 pre-conference on gaming - Photo: fini Agentur

Discover yesterday’s Storify summary (see pdf file attached), looking back on the first of two days of in-depth pre-conference workshops.

Participants investigated space science communication, cooperation with communities, the potential of citizen science for science centres and museums… They put  RRI into practice, prototyped games and defined strategies to access and implement research findings.

Meanwhile, in one of the Messe convention centre's big halls the “Ecsite for all” public event gathered enthusiastic crowds. Graz inhabitants: schools classes, kindergarden groups, universities and companies – and of course Ecsite conference participants – collaborated in the building of a giant chain reaction.

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