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Echoes from the Ecsite Annual Conference – 11 June

#Ecsite2016 team at the closing ceremony
Made in the #Ecsite2016 MakerSpace!Primatologist Frans de Waal delivered the second #Ecsite2016 lecture - 11 June

Discover yesterday’s Storify summary (see pdf file attached), looking back on the last of three main conference days. Frans de Waal, world-famous primatologist, delivered a keynote speech at 10.30. In his keynote speech, he reviewed expressions of empathy in animals, which ranges from a core mechanism of emotional linkage (known as emotional contagion) to higher levels of perspective-taking and targeted helping. He also discussed the sense of fairness in animals, and the many ways in which they achieve common goals. 

For the rest of the day, participants were then able to pick and choose between ten parallel session strands: mobile technology, science centre marketing, initiatives for and with refugees, student-curated exhibitions and many more were discussed and debated… At the end of the day, attendance numbers were revealed at the Closing ceremony: #Ecsite2016 gathered 1,081 people from 53 countries, which makes it the second largest Ecsite Annual Conference to date, just behind last year's edition. At the Closing even we also got a glimpse of what will await us next year at the 2017 Ecsite Annual Conference in Porto (15-17 June 2016).

At night participants said their goodbyes at the Farewell Party, held at the arty contemporary Kunsthaus building. 

A warm thank you to our fantastic conference hosts trio, ScienceCentre-Network, FRida & freD and Universalmuseums Joanneum!

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