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Dr Rasekoala's keynote available on video

#Ecsite2016 keynote speaker Elizabeth Rasekoala

Keynote Speech Dr Elizabeth Rasekoala - 2016 Ecsite Annual Conference

Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala, President of African Gong, the Pan-African Network for the Popularization of Science & Technology, and Science Communication, delivered a much commented on keynote speech at the 2016 Ecsite Annual Conference on 10 June. Convinced that science and science communication are still dominantly white, male and Western, she is challenging our field to create “truly inclusive, ‘colourful’ and gender-balanced science centres and museums”.

Keen to share her message with professionals who couldn’t attend the conference, she summarises her message in this Spokes column. What do you make of her call, how do her words resonate with you? Would you like to share opinions, ideas or practices with other members of the Ecsite community? Get in touch at communications@ecsite.eu.


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