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The countdown to Heilbronn is on!

An artist's impression of the #ecsite2022 campexperimenta building: Heilbronn Marketing GmbH/Christoph DüpperMost visitors will arrive here, at Heilbronn train stationThe route to the Heilbronn is incredibly picturesque

A visit to the 2022 Ecsite Conference host

Ecsite's Wiktor Gajewski (Events Manager) and Helen Wilks (Communications Manager) have this week been visiting Heilbronn and experimenta, to discuss plans for #ecsite2022 and to get a feel for the city. We've been walking the routes from the station to the Ecsite festival camp, to the hotels and of course to experimenta itself. At this early stage, we can't give away any big secrets, but it's left us feeling very excited for #ecsite2022!

The city of Heilbronn is small but mighty, with plenty of hotels, a well-connected train station and a city centre within walking distance. The area around Heilbronn is incredibly picturesque, and the city surrounded by vineyards. For those who have never visited experimenta (and even for those who have), prepare to be wowed and entertained, particularly during the event's Nocturne.

Feel at home at #ecsite2022

Some exciting news that we'd like to share - experimenta have already connected with most hotels in the area and we'll be able to offer discounted rates when the time comes to book your stay. But most exciting of all - some of the experimenta team are opening up their doors and their homes and invite you to stay with them instead. You'll be immersed in a full, Heilbronn experience and we're sure you'll make friends along the way. If you want to experience the full 'festival' feeling while you're there, a few of them may even agree to let you camp in their back gardens! (- disclaimer: please check first, we're not expecting you to bring your own tents!)

Submit your proposals

The call for proposals is open until 23.59 on 2 November. Feeling like you need some inspiration? Check out the Conference forum or the handy guide, or take part in one of our free webinars taking place on 19 & 26 October and 2 November.


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