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Citizens' commitment for a Blue Society - sign the charter!

Marzia Mazzonetto, Senior Project Manager, mmazzonetto-at-ecsite.eu

When we try to visualize the immense amount of water that covers big parts of our planet, it's difficult to imagine that oceans might be in danger. They might not disappear any time soon, but this doesn't mean that they aren't suffering from all human activities that affect - and often pollute them. Oceans do so much for our health and well-being and we do so little in exchange for them.

So what about taking a moment to find out more about how oceans contribute to our daily life and decide to commit to some simple but important values which are very important for oceans' conservation?

Sea for Society partners have developed a "Citizens' Promise" charter which explains how important oceans are for a healthy society, and how beneficial it would be to our planet to adopt a sustainable and innovative approach called "Blue Society".

We ask all people who share this vision to symbolically sign the charter and therefore express their support to it. We will bring all signatures to the European Parliament on November 18!

Find out more here

Or jump directly to the charter page (www.bluesociety.org/citizens-promise) if you would like to contribute with your signature. It takes only a few seconds!


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