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Checking in on our commitments

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When the Ecsite Strategy was launched earlier this year, we defined our new commitment as a network of science engagement institutions as the following:

We connect, inspire and empower science engagement organisations and professionals, extending the reach and strengthening the impact of their work. Our vision is a European society where citizens are emboldened to engage and participate in science, and where their contribution to science research and policy plays a valuable role in addressing the global challenges facing humankind. We engage with millions of citizens each year on crucial scientific and technological issues. This allows us to address global challenges : notably, the climate and biodiversity crisis ; misinformation and trust in science ; 21st century skills ; inclusion and equity; and health and wellbeing.

During the review of the session proposals by the Conference Programme Committee in April, it was apparent that some of these global challenges, notably the climate and biodiversity crisis, 21st century skills and inclusion and equity were strongly reflected and therefore we have invited four high-level professionals who are dedicated and passionate about these challenges to speak as ambassadors for each commitment during two Conference sessions. The sessions will be convened by Amito Haarhuis, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave (Leiden, the Netherlands) and he will be joined by the following guests:

Lewis Hou - representing the Equity, diversity and inclusion sessions

  • Reaching beyond borders: innovation in vulnerable communities
  • This is not a COSMOPOLITAN cover story!
  • Community partnerships: More than just new audiences
  • There's no such thing as seniors...
  • Seeking advocates, a Community of Practice of Equity@Ecsite
  • Glows and grows of the Equity@Ecsite pioneer institutions - Part 1
  • Glows and grows of the Equity@Ecsite pioneer institutions - Part 2
  • Colonial collections - the case of the Nias masks
  • Inspiring practice to improve the autistic visitors' experience
  • Creating an inclusive and accessible exhibition
  • Achieving gender equality through exhibitions and outreach in STEM
  • Inclusive Tinkering through collaboration and co-design
  • Balancing gender equality from the roots to the tips

Camille Pisani - representing the Climate and biodiversity sessions

  • Pollinator Park: using immersive technologies for biodiversity awareness
  • Don't stop with awareness: target behavioural change & civic action
  • Back for the Future: Taking STEM Escape Rooms Digital
  • Harmonising art and science
  • Climate, health and behaviour
  • Making sustainable exhibitions: Where it all starts

Colin Johnson - representing the 21st century skills sessions

  • Storytelling; from social media to academic publishing
  • New (robotic) frontiers in remote gallery engagement
  • Break out of the breakout room - online escape game
  • Radical Reflections: Zine-making as Reflective Evaluation
  • Back for the Future: Taking STEM Escape Rooms Digital
  • Blended learning in science education
  • Copernican Revolution in education?

At the end of day 2 and day 3 of the Conference, our guests will provide discussion on the sessions relevant to their key commitment.

Make sure you're part of the action by registering for the Online Conference (if you haven't already), or take a look at the full programme to see what is on offer!


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