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Call for Workrooms proposals

Questions? Please contact Helen Wilks at the Ecsite Office

Science engagement professionals, broadening knowledge together

Workrooms provide science engagement professionals with a short series of events. These can include a mixture of online talks, group discussions and workshops, and even some offline preparation, all centred around one specific theme; an opportunity for participants to broaden knowledge together. Please note that as the Workrooms are a series, they contain at least three sessions and take place over a minimum of three weeks.

We are looking for four Workrooms to take place between September and December this year; the themes of these are for you to decide. Be creative and be bold; these events are an opportunity for you to organise and share your expertise with the network, so make it an unforgettable experience!

Good to know

The call opens on 4 March and closes alongside the call for Conference session proposals on 31 March. The proposals will then be reviewed by the Conference Programme Committee and the results announced at the end of April.

If successful, you will then have at least four months to prepare and plan your Workroom and the Ecsite team will provide you with a list of requirements needed to promote your event, including photos, names of speakers and an abstract.

The Workrooms will be chosen by the ACPC, but the content you provide is completely in your hands. Ecsite is simply there to promote and support you in the process. It's upto you to host the Workroom and decide which platform you want to use, how much time you leave in between sessions (within reason) and whether you want to invite Keynote speakers, hold webinars, include offline work, etc.


  • The proposal must be submitted by a staff from an Ecsite member
  • The proposal must include a minimum of three events, spread out over at least three weeks
  • The proposal must be complete and submitted by 23.59(CET) on 31 March

Selection criteria & process

The ideal proposal should:

  • Focus on one of the suggested topics, or a gap in knowledge that you feel deserves and needs to go deeper than a traditional Conference session
  • Contain a clear description of the expected outcomes for participants, as well as an idea of the number of participants who could attend
  • Explain the relevance of of speakers and facilitators
  • Highlight the experience of the convenor
  • Include speakers and convenors from different countries and projects
  • Demonstrate the guiding principles of Ecsite, particularly with regards to diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Be able to leave behind a legacy - perhaps a Spokes article, a set of resources or a recording that can be shared with the wider community
  • Proposals showing innovative, daring ways to share their knowledge will be favoured over more traditional formats


The autumn Workrooms will be paid events, with discounts for Ecsite members. Organisers do not have to pay the fee, but just as with the Ecsite Conference, speakers and convenors do.

To apply, simply complete this Workrooms proposal form. We'll be in contact with you once the Workrooms have been selected at the end of April.

Good luck!


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