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Call for Tenders - Logistics: Transport and Insurance of the Water-Mining Project Exhibition


Ecsite, the European Network of science centres and museums, is a network of over 300 science engagement organisations committed to inspiring people with science and technology. Our mission is to drive science engagement forward with professional events, publications and EU projects.

Over the last two years, Ecsite and its members have been working on the WATER-MINING project to develop a programme engaging citizens with water services and the circular economy. NEMO Science Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands) produced the WATER-MINING exhibition to engage museum visitors with this topic through an insightful audio tour. In 2023, the exhibition has visited Parque de las Ciencias, in Granada, Spain, and will soon arrive in Nicosia, Cyprus.

We are looking for a provider that can ensure travel and insurance between Granada and Nicosia.

The Water-Mining exhibition

  • Type of items transported: A mix of equipment, graphic panels, display cases, water tanks and so on. See Annex A for an overview of the exhibition and images.
  • Production value: 16,150 EUR. A detailed list of items and their value will be provided when arranging the final contract.
  • Packaging: 5 euro-pallets (size 120 x 80 cm) upon which the parts of the exhibition are placed. The content is wrapped in a low cage on the pallets, surrounded by light wooden boards, and covered with tarp. The pallets cannot be stacked on top of each other, because the objects on the pallets have different heights (between 90-180 cm).
  • Total weight: 450 kg.

Services requested

  • Shipping of the exhibition: This includes loading, transporting by truck and/or sea freight and unloading the exhibition between the locations, in coordination with Ecsite and the venue where the exhibition will be delivered. The exhibition will need to be loaded at Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, Spain on ca. 31 August 2023 and delivered to Nicosia, Cyprus. If necessary, the exhibition can be stored before travelling onwards to Cyprus.
  • Transport insurance coverage: from start of loading until unloading.

Selection criteria

Quotes will be assessed according to:

  • Price efficiency and effectiveness;
  • The ability to cover the services requested on the date requested;
  • Experience in transporting similar products.

How to apply

Submit a quote to Mario Realini, ecsiteadmin@ecsite.eu, by 14 August 2023, 12 p.m. CET, with the following information:

  • Confirmation that loading is possible on ca. 31 August;
  • Presenting how you have experience in transporting similar products;
  • A detailed price breakdown for:
  1. Transport
  2. Insurance from start of loading until unloading.