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Call for session proposals for the Ecsite Online Conference is now open

The first Ecsite workroom starts in February
The 2020 Ecsite Directors Forum, October 2020, was online. Hosted by Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre in Mechelen, Belgium

Team up and submit a session proposal by 31 March for the Ecsite Online Conference, 9-11 June.

Make sure your name is in the programme: get together with peers from different countries and organisations and pitch your session idea. This year's call for proposals is now open!

This year's Conference will take place online and will aim to offer about 100 inspiring sessions, debates, workshops, a range of unique cultural events, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

The Ecsite Online Conference will harvest the potential brought by the digital: new means to collaborate and network, new ways to inspire and be inspired, new opportunities for a more diverse audience… and all in the spirit of all Ecsite events - creative, engaging, open and professional.


It's the first time that the Ecsite Conference will take place online, and we see this as an opportunity to really let your imaginations flow! We have the opportunity to experiment with new types of session; it could be an audio-only, 'radio-style' show, a conversation between a moderator and a special guest, a silent film or another format that you think would work well online. We're looking forward to seeing what the community can bring.


View the Call for proposals page on our website (with some important updates for an online setup) and harvest precious tips from the dedicated page to maximise your proposal's chances of being selected by the Conference Programme Committee.


Submitting a session proposal when you haven't been to an Ecsite Conference might not feel like an easy task. Worry not! Use the Conference forum or the Ecsite app to connect with others. If using the app, browse the "bumblebees", who can help connect you with others, which is especially useful if you don't know where to begin. We'll also be launching a scheme for new voices - more information coming soon!


Whether this will be your first Ecsite Conference or your 32nd, the Ecsite app is still THE tool to create connections and initiate conversations. The meetups function makes it easier to find others in the community who might want to brainstorm a new session idea or join as speakers in an already shaped proposal. You launch the meetup, and we promote it to the Ecsite community - get planning!

Deadline: 31 March, 23.59 CET


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