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Call for a Graphic designer and Web developer for a hybrid exhibition

Ecsite is looking for an individual consultant or a company to produce the visual identity of an exhibition and carry out the digitization of the exhibition. This exhibition is developed within the EU-funded project SocKETs.

SocKETs - SOCietal engagement with Key Enabling TechnologieS - is an EU-funded project involving 10 European partners. It aims at developing and using co-creation to shape innovation based on Key Enabling Technologies (photonics, advanced materials, nanoelectronics, etc.) towards the needs of all stakeholders and for the benefits of society.

The proposal shall be saved as a single document and include:

  • Your proposal (brief description): design intent, adaption of the current visual identity, technical aspects and technologies (for the digitisatin) etc.
  • Methodology and project timeline with major tasks and milestones: how do you plan to collaborate with Ecsite, and with the graphic designer (for the digitisation)
  • Budget by line item
  • Portfolio indicating examples of similar projects (cultural or scientific exhibitions)
  • Preliminary moodboard (with references from similar previous projects or external references)

Only completed proposals will be assessed.

The contract will be awarded against the folowing criteria:

  • Price efficiency and effectiveness (40%)
  • Excellent understanding and creative interpretation of the project (30%)
  • Clear and well-defined working process (30%)

The budget set for theses tasks is max. 9.000 €, VAT excl.

Send your proposal to athuillier@ecsite.eu with the subject "SocKETs - Exhibition Visual Identity" by 11th Setpember 2022, 23:59 CEST.

For more information please see the brief attached.