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Beyond the Lab - SPARK's touring exhibition is on the road again

After successful runs in Germany, England and Poland, Sparks’ exhibition, “Beyond the Lab: The DIY Science Revolution”, continues its 2 year-long tour.

Hosted by Hiša eksperimentov, Ljubljana, "Beyond the Lab" it’s on view at Tehnološki Park until 27 September. From 17 September to 11 November 2016, visitors can attend "Beyond the Lab" at the Forum Geesseknäppchen at Luxembourg-Hollerich coordinated by Luxembourg Science Center. In October, the exhibition opens in Denmark at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium and in Spain at Parque de las Ciencias in Granada.

Through a combination of objects, images and films, “Beyond the Lab” shows how ordinary people are harnessing science in all sorts of ways: from patient-innovation to DIY biology, tackling public health challenges such as air pollution, antibiotic resistance or disease outbreaks. Further, visitors have the opportunity to get involved in research and innovation during special encounters with experts, in Reverse Science Cafes, Science Expressos and other innovative formats of public events. Follow all events past and upcoming at the SPARKS’ Facebook page.

Sparks is an Ecsite-led EU-funded project to promote Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and show Europeans that various stakeholders share the responsibility for scientific research and innovation and that they can play an active role in defining health therapies and products.


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