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Apply for the Professor Mário Ruivo Prize

Professor Mário Ruivo Prize 2016

The Professor Mário Ruivo Prize will be awarded to a team of young people, aged 11-16 years old, for an original project on the theme: “Your Ocean, Your Future”. This can be achieved by designing a novel research project, implementing a community scheme, investigating a topical subject through the popular media, etc. that supports the Blue Society Principles.

The Professor Mário Ruivo Prize will help you put your ideas into action by supporting the development of a project that will improve how humans interact with the ocean: this can be a social experiment, an invention, a research project, etc. This Prize is intended to raise public awareness on the importance of the Ocean and Ocean-related services to humankind.

The top ten ideas from each country will be selected and three teams will be funded to carry out their project. The best of the three teams will be awarded a money prize.

More information can be found on the official webpage.

Register your team by 31 March!

The EurOcean’s Professor Mário Ruivo Prize is one of Sea for Society's legacy contributions to a Blue Society.


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